Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud

Working closely with your IT team we would become an extension of your team. We stay up to date with the latest technologies, efficiencies and processes so the internal team can focus more on the business. We help you stay ahead of your competition, we’ll work with you to come up with a platform which will scale with the needs of your business requirements.

Of course, it’ll be fast, resilient, expandable and require little (if any) day-to-day maintenance from your team. We’ll equip you with all our industry leading monitoring and performance stats but by the time you spot a potential issue lurking – we’ll already be on it!

We’ll design and implement a Disaster Recovery plan – and unlike others, we’ll actually test this periodically! Backups will be safely offsite. We can arrange for fully redundant failover to alternative datacentre or to Public Cloud, our solutions are all proportionate to risk and of course budget. No managed cloud is the same. Its built for you. Busy people can keep on being busy but on the right things and with a fully risk mitigated delivery solution.

So, what exactly are the benefits of Managed Cloud?

Well just incase we haven’t quite hit the nail on the head in the description above. Its all about trusting the complex stuff to the experts. No one person can be an expert in all matters so we have a team of people working for you implementing things in the best way. If things go wrong it’s a business headache you don’t want but at least its our responsibility to fix.

Various levels of support exist, if you have certain skillsets within your business, we are quite happy for them to be part of your overall service delivery, as mentioned, we work together as a single team. What you don’t need to do is go and hire for a series of roles to get a certain set of skills that may only be used 20% of the time, or are there for emergency situations only. Or to get a ‘good allrounder’ to cover areas, why not have the best?

Cloud is complex but we have all the tools and automated processes and systems for building and rolling out a well-oiled and maintained machine.

We’ll regularly review performance of the platform, discuss ongoing business changes which may be happening and ensure your solution evolves with your business.

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